About Us

We’re not the biggest, but our customers say we’re the best.

CEDG has grown consistently, through good economies and bad, for a simple reason: we see every project as an opportunity to add value to our clients’ business. We have the resources and expertise to apply to virtually any project you may have. 


Enthusiasm for new technologies: We are intrigued by the exciting possibilities that technology can create.


A collaborative approach to working with customers: CEDG  prizes the long-term relationships we have developed, based on an interactive working style. Many projects start with a customer’s simple or complex problem and finish with a tailored solution utilizing all of our company resources.


At Clean Energy Design Group, we recognize that the transition to clean, renewable energy is a compelling and irreversible trend. We deliver real-world energy solutions today to help build a sustainable tomorrow.



Clean Energy Design Group's vision is to work with organizations to create sustainable energy for future generations for years to come through well designed, developed and built renewable energy projects.