CEDG specializes in developing teams and projects that optimize end-user benefit.

Our goals include coordinating disciplines with proven local industry professionals to assure the Client of obtaining an optimal develop/design/build installation.

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About Us

Clean Energy Design Group (CEDG) is a different kind of Renewable Energy (RE) Company whose organization and service focus is geared to the most effective representation of the Project Owner given the current market.  The result allows for the use of the best available energy technologies for the most cost effective solutions.

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   CEDG provides comprehensive engineering services for solar electric, solar thermal & wind energy systems. These systems power commercial buildings, universities, apartment buildings and government facilities, and they deliver sustainable energy to communities through the utility and municipal grid. 



Farmington Central School 756kw Solar Project

Our Work

Knowing what it takes to run a successful business over the years requires building
long term relationships and clientele grounded on quality and project performance.