Lincoln College touts energy savings, education from solar project

Sunday, Feb 2nd | 10:00 pm

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Annual energy savings of about $100,000 are only part of the attraction for the solar power project at Lincoln College in President David Gerlach’s view.

“I want this to be an educational piece for the Lincoln College mission,” Gerlach said.

He said the college is also looking into adding pollinator-friendly plants that would not interfere with operation of the solar panels.

Finishing touches are being completed on the 11-acre, 2.09 megawatt project, located near the college’s baseball and soccer fields on farmland owned by the college. It is being built by Springfield-based Clean Energy Design Group, which is also installing a roof-mounted solar power system at Lincoln High School.

When it is done, the project will not only generate power for the campus but also provide real-time information on energy production available at an information kiosk and to science labs and technology classes.

“It will supply 40% of our power needs,” said Gerlach. “I think it’s a win-win-win all the way around.”

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